Education Moves Online

Education is moving online at lightning speed. According to this article in the New York Times there has been a big shift in just the last few months, with most of the top universities in the USA moving “aggressively” online: “The Campus Tsunami“.

Your Focus Needs More Focus – The Karate Kid

Your Focus Needs More Focus – The Karate Kid

Dre: She used her chi last night, didn’t she? You’ve got to teach me that, like, how to control people? Han: There’s only one person you need to learn how to control. Dre: Who? Han: Empty your mind. Flow with my movement. Connect to the energy around you. Dre: I kind of just want to(…)

English Idioms With KNOW

Seven English idioms using the word “know”: to be a know-it-all, to know something inside and out, to know something backwards and forwards, to know something like the back of your hand, to know better than to do something, to know the ropes, and before you know it.

What Is An Idiom

Hi, this is English Teacher Fred. Welcome to my online classroom. I’m in Vietnam right now. It’s a four day weekend, a holiday weekend. So I have a lot of free time, sitting here at my desk making videos and talking to students on Skype. Come by my website, it’s called I thought I(…)

English Idiom – To Be All Ears

Hello, I’m Fred from; how are you today? I have my deck of idioms here, a whole bunch of idioms on cards. And I’ll choose one and see: what does it mean? How about this one- to be all ears. All ears; to be all ears. What does it mean? It means, “I’m very(…)

English Idiom – Down The Drain

Hi, my name’s Fred, also called English Teacher Fred. Right now what I have is a deck of idioms. Each card has an idiom and we’re talking about the idioms. Idioms are very important if you’re learning English. Learning any language, you must learn many idioms. So I’m just going to pick a card and(…)

English Teacher Fred on an Infomercial in Vietnam

Back in 2009 I was teaching at a private university in Ho Chi Minh City called the University of Economics and Finance, or UEF. The university produced an infomercial that was broadcast on TV here in Vietnam. The camera crew came into my classroom and I said some words for the camera. When it was(…)

English Idioms To Say Something Is Scary

Here are three idioms to talk about when something is scary. It’s scary! Oh no! Help! It’s scary. Maybe you’re watching a scary movie, or something happened that made you scared. The first one: people say, “It makes my skin crawl.” My skin crawl, my skin. My skin crawl. Crawl: C-R-A-W-L. The word ‘crawl’ just(…)

I Wish To Report A Mutiny – On Stranger Tides

I Wish To Report A Mutiny – On Stranger Tides

Sparrow: The ship is ours! Blackbeard: Gentlemen, I be placed in a bewilderment. There I were, resting. And upon a sudden, I hear an ungodly row on deck. What be that, first mate? Angelica Teach: Mutiny, Captain. Blackbeard: And what fate befalls mutineers? Now, we know the answer to that, do we not? Mutineers hang!(…)

English Idiom – To Bomb

Hello, let’s talk about an English idiom. Here’s one right here: to be a bomb. A bomb. You know what a bomb is? Boom! A bomb explodes, right? “It’s a bomb!” It’s very dangerous. But as an idiom, it means a failure. If something is a bomb, it’s a failure. Usually it’s used for a(…)

English Idiom – To Goof Off

Hello! I’m Fred from; how are you today? We’re looking at idioms. I have idioms on cards and I’ll pick one and we’ll see what it means. To goof off. Can you see this? Goof off; goofing off: what does it mean? To goof off means take it easy, be lazy. You should do(…)

English Idiom – To Get The Axe

Hi, this is English Teacher Fred. How are you today? We’re looking at idioms. I have the deck of idioms: one idiom on each card and I’ll pick one and we’ll see: what does it mean? Here, I’ll pick this one right here. It says, “to get the axe.” To get the axe. A-X-E, axe.(…)

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