Hello everybody! I’m English Teacher Fred and here are five English idioms to talk about when somebody got something that they deserved. Somebody got what they deserved. So, somebody was a bad person, they did bad things. And then something bad happened back to them.

The first one is from India. The country, India. Indian religion, mythology – I don’t know. It’s “karma”. He got the karma he deserved.

People in the West talk about karma and use this word “karma” probably completely incorrectly if you are Indian or Hindu or anything like that. So it’s kind of a Westernized use of this word, karma. But when people talk about karma, this is what they mean. He was a bad person so bad things happened back to him.

So it’s “karma”: “It was just his karma, because he was person, something bad happened to him.”

And the second one is she “had it coming”.

She had it coming! Because she was bad, she deserved this bad thing: she had it coming.

“You had it coming, you know, because you did something bad.”

And another one is a saying. People say, “What goes around, comes around.” What goes around: what you do comes back to you; it’s that idea.

And there are two more.

Number four is somebody got their “just desserts”. She got her just desserts.

Because “to be just” means “to be fair”. So it’s not the meaning of “just” like “I just like English Teacher Fred; I don’t like any other English teacher.” Not “just” like that, but “just” means to be fair. To be just.

Somebody “got their just desserts” means this idea: they got what they deserved.

And the other one is also with the word “just”. Their “just reward”. “He got his just reward because he was a bad person.” Something bad happened to him, so he got his just reward.

It’s saying that he got a reward that was fair, right? It was a just reward; he got his just reward.

So that was five English idioms all about somebody getting what they deserved: he had it coming; what goes around comes around; it’s karma; just desserts; and just reward.

Okay, have a great day! Thank you.


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