Hi everybody, I’m Fred the online English teacher. Here are some idioms to talk about something that is fast. Doing something fast, with no delay: quickly.

The first one is “right away”. I’ll do that right away. “I’ll do it right away” means immediately; I will do it immediately.

Another one is if something is really fast, it’s moving really fast, or it happened really fast. It happened “like greased lightning.” Lightning? In a storm there’s lightning and thunder and lightning is very fast, right? It’s over very quickly; it’s a flash of light.

So, “greased lightning”. Grease is like oil: grease. When something is greasy or oily it slips very quickly. Lightning is already fast but if the lightning is greased, if there’s grease on the lightning, then it would go even faster. “It’s like greased lightning!” It goes really fast.

And here’s another one for something moving very quickly: it’s going “like a bat out of hell”. A bat is an animal; it’s sort of like a flying mouse at night. It doesn’t have eyes. The animal: a bat. And hell is opposite heaven: heaven and hell.

So, in hell, you know… I don’t know what’s in hell, but maybe there’s the devil and bad things- and the bat. The bat coming out of hell is very fast. “Like a bat out of hell” is “very fast”.

And another one is “in short order”. “Yes, I’ll finish that in short order.” Very quickly: in short order.

If you want to say “I will finish something very quickly” then say, “I’ll get right on it.” It means I’ll begin immediately and finish quickly. “Yes, sir. I’ll get right on it. I’ll have that finished right away.”

And one more is “lickety split”. This one is maybe kind of old. I don’t know if modern young people today- do they use this? I’m not sure, but it’s pretty common: lickety split. Very fast: lickety split.

It’s going to happen lickety split, like greased lightning, like a bat out of hell, in short order: very quickly.

All right? There’s a few idioms to talk about something happening fast, quickly, immediately: I’ll get right on it, in short order, lickety split, like greased lightning, like a bat out of hell and right away.

A lot of sayings about something happening fast. Have a great day, bye-bye.


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