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MOVIE: The Wizard of Oz

VERB TENSE: Simple Past


Dorothy was a girl from Kansas. It wasn’t a very exciting place, and she felt bored. She was unhappy and she didn’t believe that her family loved her.

One day there was a big storm. There was a big tornado. It was very dangerous and scary. She got hit on the head and fell into a dream.

In the dream, Dorothy was in a strange place. Her little dog, Toto, was with her there. She met some very unusual new friends. There was a tin man who had no heart. There was a scarecrow didn’t have a brain. And she met a lion who was a coward.

Together Dorothy and her new friends set off to visit a powerful wizard who lived far away in a place called Oz Each of them wanted to get the thing that they did not have. Dorothy wanted to go home to Kansas. They hoped the wizard would help them. It was a long journey, and there was an evil witch who didn’t want them to meet the wizard.

In the end they got to Oz and met the wizard. The wizard helped them and Dorothy could go home. Dorothy woke up from her dream with her family around her. Now she wasn’t bored with her home anymore, and she knew that her family loved her. She felt happy.

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