Hello, I’m Fred from EnglishTeacherFred.com; how are you today? I have my deck of idioms here, a whole bunch of idioms on cards. And I’ll choose one and see: what does it mean? How about this one- to be all ears.

All ears; to be all ears. What does it mean? It means, “I’m very interested in what you are saying.” I’m all ears! I want to hear what you are saying.

If your friend wants to talk to you but they’re not sure that you are interested: “Do you really want to hear me talk?” And you say, “Yes, I’m all ears! Please tell me. Please talk, I want to listen. I’m very interested. I’m all ears”

I’m all ears- I want to hear from you. Are you an English student? How is your English study going? How do you like these videos here on EnglishTeacherFred.com?

Please leave a comment, I’m all ears! Send me an email! Okay? Have a nice day, bye-bye.


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