Hi, this is English Teacher Fred. How are you today? We’re looking at idioms. I have the deck of idioms: one idiom on each card and I’ll pick one and we’ll see: what does it mean? Here, I’ll pick this one right here.

It says, “to get the axe.” To get the axe. A-X-E, axe. To get the axe: what does it mean?

What is an axe? An axe is like a hatchet you use. It’s the tool you use to chop down the tree. You have a tree and you chop, chop… The axe: it’s the tool.

That’s what it really means but to “get the axe” means get fired. It means lose your job.

You go in to your job and your boss says, “You! Go home! No more job. Stop your job.” You got the axe. “Oh no! Did you hear about David? He got the axe! He went to work and the boss fired him. Said, you’ve got the axe.”

Okay, that’s a pretty easy explanation. That one’s pretty clear, easy to understand. Remember, idioms always have two meanings. There’s a literal meaning and then an idiomatic meaning.

So get the axe is chopping with an axe, but the second meaning, the idiom meaning, the idiomatic meaning, is get fired. Lose your job.

Okay, have a good day! I hope you don’t get the axe when you go to work today. Bye-bye, come by the website, it’s called EnglishTeacherFred.com.


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