Hi, my name’s English Teacher Fred. Today I have my deck of idioms. Its a bunch of cards and an idiom on each one. So Ill just pick one, and well see: what does it mean?

How about this one? To give in. Give in.

To give in means basically the same as give up. Basically, it means stop trying. Stop trying, or relinquish. Relinquish is a difficult word, but its the same meaning.

How about, for example, my daughter is seven years old and she likes ice creambut I don’t want her to eat ice cream too much. So today she was asking me, “Can we get ice cream; can I have some ice cream?”

And I’m saying, “No, we had too much ice cream. We had ice cream yesterday…”

“But please, daddy can I have some ice cream?” And she asks me over and over and then finally I gave in. Finally, I said “Okay.”

I gave up on saying no. Okay, I give in! Yes, you can have some ice cream.

You see what I mean? I finally gave in. At first I was resisting, saying no no no, but then okay, I gave in. And I gave her what she wanted.

Does that make sense? Okay, I hope so. Have a nice day. Bye-bye.


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