Hello! I’m Fred from EnglishTeacherFred.com; how are you today? We’re looking at idioms. I have idioms on cards and I’ll pick one and we’ll see what it means.

To goof off. Can you see this? Goof off; goofing off: what does it mean? To goof off means take it easy, be lazy. You should do some work but you’re not working, you’re just goofing off.

“What did you do yesterday?”

“Well, I was supposed to do some work at home, but I just goofed off. I was lazy and I just played and I watched TV and I went for a walk in the park- I just goofed off. I didn’t do my work.”

If you’re not doing your work and you’re just playing around, relaxing, then you’re goofing off.

Goofing off! Sometimes students goof off in class and the teacher says, “Pay attention! Don’t goof off. Be a good student.”

Okay? Are you a good student? Do you goof off often? Good worker?

That’s all; it’s pretty easy to understand. Goofing off: taking it easy, not doing your work.

I hope you have a nice day. I hope you goof off as much as you want, and also get your work done.

Okay, have fun. Bye-bye.


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