Hi, this is English Teacher Fred. We’re looking at idioms today! Idioms are very important. If you’re learning English you must learn a lot of idioms. If you ever study TOEFL, you know. Every TOEFL book has a whole section on idioms and it’s very very important. You have to learn hundreds of idioms.

Okay, I have a bunch of cards with idioms on each one- an idiom on each one, and I’ll pick one and we’ll talk about it. Okay? How about this one. What is it? It says: to have it made.

Can you see that? Maybe you can’t see that. To have it made. “He’s got it made!”

I’ve got it made means I have no problem. Like if I win the lottery and I have a million dollars- I have it made! I’ve got everything I need- I’ve got it made!

“He’s got it made! He’s so rich- he’s got everything! He’s got it made!”

Okay, that one’s pretty easy to explain. If you’ve got it made, you’ve got everything you need.

So this is English Teacher Fred- I hope you’ve got it made! I hope your life is going great. Come by AutoMagicEnglish.com and I’ve got some great mp3 English lessons for you there. Have a nice day!


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