Idioms For Boring

Here are three idioms to talk about a boring person. Three idioms to say that a person is really boring. They’re no fun, they’re just boring; they’re not interesting.

These are kind of funny idioms. Idioms are fun, you know? The first one is: a stuffed shirt. “He’s just a stuffed shirt. He’s so boring.”

It’s a shirt, a stuffed shirt. Here the word “stuffed” is being used as an adjective. To be stuffed.

“Stuff” is a very useful word with a lot of meanings and you should learn about it and learn to use it.

This meaning is when there’s something inside. Your pillow that you sleep on, is stuffed with something. Maybe feathers, maybe foam. Maybe… I don’t know what, but it’s stuffed with something. It means there’s stuff inside. There are things inside.

Or a stuffed animal. A toy animal for a child; it’s very soft like a pillow. Made of cloth, has something inside. It’s a “stuffed” animal.

More Idioms For Boring:

A boring person is a stuffed shirt. It’s like there’s a shirt, and it’s just stuffed like a pillow or a stuffed animal. It’s not alive. There’s no person in there, it’s just a shirt with something inside. A stuffed shirt. He’s just a stuffed shirt; he’s so boring.

Another one is: a wet blanket. To be a wet blanket. This is usually when there is some kind of event or occasion, and then this person makes the event, makes the occasion boring. A wet blanket.

If you can imagine a blanket. You know, a blanket, when you sleep a blanket on top to keep warm. So if you have a blanket and it’s wet… Imagine a blanket that’s full of water, and then how does that feel? If you put it on top of something, it’s bleh: a wet blanket. It’s cold and heavy and dead and just doesn’t feel good.

So this is used for saying a person is boring. He’s a wet blanket. Oh, he’s so boring, just a wet blanket.

Another one is: a stick in the mud. Don’t be a stick in the mud. Don’t be boring. It’s often said this way: don’t be a stick in the mud. He’s just an old stick in the mud.

idioms for boringI’m saying it quickly, because idioms are often said fast. Because we know the whole phrase so we don’t need to say it slowly, we just say it fast. A stick in the mud. He’s just a stick in the mud. If I said, a – stick – in – the – mud, it would be strange. It’s usually said quickly: a stick in the mud.

A stick is a… do you know stick? A piece of a tree. A branch, a stick. And if you take a stick and put it into some mud, it can’t really move. If you can just imagine that: a stick stuck into some mud. Can’t go anywhere; can’t do anything. It’s boring.

Okay? Another way to say: boring. These are three very common idioms for boring: Oh, she’s just a stuffed shirt. Don’t invite her, she’s a stuffed shirt; she’s very boring.

Or a wet blanket. Don’t invite him to the party because he’s just a wet blanket; it’ll make the whole party boring.

Or a stick in the mud. Dont’ be a stick in the mud, don’t be boring.

English Idioms To Say Someone Is Boring


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