Here are three idioms to talk about when something is scary. It’s scary! Oh no! Help! It’s scary. Maybe you’re watching a scary movie, or something happened that made you scared.

The first one: people say, “It makes my skin crawl.”

My skin crawl, my skin. My skin crawl.

Crawl: C-R-A-W-L. The word ‘crawl’ just means… like a baby crawls before they walk. Crawling is walking on hands and knees.

Makes my skin crawl: it’s very scary. When you feel scary, your skin…

Actually, all three of these idioms are talking about your skin. The first one is: it makes my skin crawl.

“When I saw that movie it just made my skin crawl. I felt scared.”

Another one is: “goose bumps”. It’s also about your skin. When you feel scared and it gets bumpy. And you call it: goose bumps.

“Goose” is the animal: chicken, duck, goose. Goose bumps. “Bumps” are small… lumps, bumps. Goose bumps.

“I got goose bumps! I had goose bumps the whole time I watched that movie, it was so scary!”

And here’s one more; these are all kind of similar. The other one is, “It makes my hair stand on end.”

It’s also about the skin. When you feel very scared, the hair stands up. “It makes my hair stand on end!”

Like, you know, maybe in a cartoon, a person gets really scared, and their hair goes “boing.” It stands on end.

“It makes my hair stand on end.” It makes my hair stand up.

Okay, three idioms to talk about when something is scary: it gave me goose bumps; it made my skin crawl; it made my hair stand on end.

All right! Have a nice day, bye bye.


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