Here are a couple of idioms, two idioms to talk about a secret plan. All right? You have a secret plan.

acesThe first one is, you say you have an “ace in the hole”.

“I have an ace in the hole; don’t worry.”

Maybe my company is worried because I have some suggestion, some plan: “Are you sure that’s going to work?”

“It’s okay; I have an ace in the hole.”

An ace in the hole. It’s like a backup, a backup plan. An ace is the card. Playing cards, you know? Do you play cards? And in the cards, the ace is the highest card.

And “in the hole” is sort of hidden. The ace is tucked away. It’s hidden somewhere.

I have an ace in the hole. Don’t worry! I have a secret plan, an ace in the hole. That’s my ace in the hole.

And another one, another way to talk about your secret backup, your secret plan, is you say you have a trick up your sleeve.

“Don’t worry, I have tricks up my sleeve.” I have a trick up my sleeve. This is a common phrase talking about a magician or again, playing cards.

Up my sleeve- I have short sleeves so it doesn’t really work. But if I had a long-sleeved shirt, the sleeve of my shirt comes to here, and then I have… I have a trick up my sleeve. I have something up my sleeve.

People will say “something” up a sleeve, or “a trick” up a sleeve. “Up the sleeve” is hidden. It’s in a hidden place. And then when you need it, it can come out.

Both of these are something that is a hidden plan, but when you need the plan it can come out.

“I have an ace in the hole; don’t worry. I have something ready in case we need it: an ace in the hole.”

Or, “Ive got some tricks up my sleeve. Don’t worry; I know what to do. I’ve got tricks up my sleeve.”

“He’s got something up his sleeve.” He’s hiding something.

Okay? Two idioms to talk about a secret plan, a backup plan: an ace the hole and something up your sleeve.


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