Here are some idioms to talk about getting fired. To get fired means you lose your job. It’s also called being made redundant. Losing your job. You go to your job and your boss says: Go home! No more job! Stop! Get fired, all right?

So here are some idioms to talk about that. The first one is: get the axe. An axe is used to chop down a tree. It’s the tool to cut wood. Chop chop chop.

So if you got the axe: chop! You were chopped. You got fired. You got the axe.

Another one is: get your walking papers. “I got my walking papers today! Oh! Very bad!”

Papers, like documents. So it’s as if you went to your job and they handed you a paper that said, “You are fired.” Oh, I got my walking papers. You got the paper and then walk, walk away, walk out. My walking papers. I got fired.

Another similar idiom to talk about getting fired is: get a pink slip. A pink slip. Here, “slip” is a piece of paper also. S-L-I-P. There’s a few meanings for this word but here it’s talking about a piece of paper. A pink slip. A piece of paper that is pink.

Often when… I’m sure you have seen some forms that make a copy of the form and there’s a white one on top and then a pink one underneath. So one person keeps the white one and the other person keeps the pink one. So, I got a pink slip: I lost my job.

“Oh, they gave him the pink slip.”

So it’s saying you got a piece of paper, one of the copied documents that says, “You are fired!” Okay?

It’s your pink slip. It means you got fired. I got a pink slip. Oh, too bad.

And one more is to say: I got canned. “Oh, very bad! She got canned! She got fired!”

“Can” like C-A-N, but here it’s used in the past C-A-N-N-E-D. Canned. Get canned means to get fired.

All right? There’s four idioms to talk about getting fired, losing your job. It’s not a good thing, usually.

Get the axe. You might also say “get axed” using the word axe as a verb. Get axed or get the axe. Get axed. Get the axe. Chopped.

So, get the axe or get axed, get your walking papers, get a pink slip or get canned. Four ways to talk about getting fired.

All right? I hope you don’t get fired today! I hope you don’t get canned, don’t get your pink slip, everything’s okay at your job, you don’t get your walking papers or anything today!



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