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Here are some idioms to talk about a lie. Something is not true. Somebody’s lying.

The first one, it’s called a “tall story” or a “tall tale.” T-A-L-E Tale means story. A tall tale or a tall story is a lie or an exaggeration. When somebody made the story bigger than it really is, it’s just a tall tale. It’s not really true.

He wants to say it was really great but it wasn’t really great: it’s just a tall tale. It’s a lie. It’s a story that he made up.

And another way to say it is, say that it’s a “fish story.” A fish story. This idiom comes from fishing. People love to go fishing. There’s a lot of idioms around fishing. And people who go fishing a lot, they like to say, “The fish was really big! It was really big!”

So, really, they caught a fish that was this big, but then when they tell the story they say, “Oh yeah, the fish was THIS big!” But it’s a lie. Really it was this big, but they exaggerate: “Oh, I caught such a big fish, it was this big!”

But really it was small; it’s a lie. So a “fish story” is a lie. It’s just a fish story. He’s just saying it’s really big, but it’s not really big.

A fish story or a tall tale, and another way people say “he’s lying to you” is, they say, “He’s pulling your leg.”

Your leg- your arm- your leg. Pulling. Pulling your leg. I don’t know where this idiom comes from. Why do people say “pulling your leg” when they mean “telling a lie”… I don’t know why. But it’s just a very common idiom.

“She’s pulling your leg” means she’s telling a lie. And for this idiom, pulling your leg, it’s sort of a joke. Not a bad kind of serious lie, but just joking. Telling you something that isn’t true just because it’s kind of funny.

“She’s pulling your leg. It’s not really true. Don’t believe her. She’s lying.”

Okay? A tall tale, a tall story, a fish story, and pulling your leg, pulling somebody’s leg. These are a few ways to say somebody is lying.

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