Here are some idioms to talk about when you want to tell somebody to wait. “Just wait; wait a minute; please wait.”

Okay? One time I had a student who was going to America, now he lives in America, and when he was in my class he said he had friends in America. And he said he called his friend’s house in America and he asked for his friend. Somebody else answered the telephone so he asked for his friend. And then they said, “Hold on!” Hold on.

And then the student in my class was asking me, “What does this mean: hold on. I don’t understand. Because I asked, ‘is my friend there’ and then they said ‘hold on.’ I don’t know what to do!”

But anyway, it just means “wait”. Wait a minute, hold on. Hold: H-O-L-D. On: O-N. Hold on; hold on! And it’s very common on the telephone but also okay for any time: just hold on! Wait a minute. Alright.

And another one is: “Hold your horses!” Hold your horses; just hold your horses now.

This obviously comes from a long time ago, before there were cars, you know? Everybody rode horses. So if you wanted to tell somebody to wait you would say, “Hold your horses!”

But, like many idioms that come from a long time ago, and now we still use them today. So still today, we say “hold your horses” when we just want to say just wait. Wait a minute; hold your horses. This one, not on the telephone. We wouldn’t say that just to wait for somebody on the telephone. But just in general: hold your horses; hold on. okay?

Another one is similar to the first one; people say: “hold the phone!” Hold the phone; hold on; hold the phone. But they say this: hold the phone- the telephone, hold the telephone, hold the phone- but they say this when they’re not on the telephone. We say this any time. Just hold the phone; it just means wait, wait a minute, okay? Hold the phone. It’s kind of funny because we’re not on the phone but we know it means “hold the phone”. Okay? Well, it means just wait.

Hold the phone! Don’t worry; wait. Hold your horses! Not so fast, okay? And hold on. Hold on, just wait; hold on.

Alright, that’s three idioms to talk about how to say wait. Hold your horses, hold the phone, or hold on- just wait. Have a nice day. Bye-bye.


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