Hello I’m English teacher Fred. How are you today? We’re talking about some idioms with “get”. There are many many, many idioms with get but here’s just a few, just four.

Okay, the first one is get a life. It means stop worrying about things that are not important, okay? So your friend is talking to you; you want to talk about something important but your friend just talks about something like their TV doesn’t work. “Oh my god my TV doesn’t work! Oh no! I think I’m going to…” Come on, get a life! It’s not that important. Find something else to worry about, okay? get a life is a very, very common idiom. Maybe you’ve seen people, heard people say this idiom in movies. It’s very common. Get a life. Stop worrying about things that are not important, get a life.

Here’s another: to get a kick out of something. If you get a kick out of something it means you really enjoy it. “That party night that party last night was great!” I really got a kick out of it. I really got a kick out of it, I really enjoyed it. I get a kick out of playing basketball. I enjoy it.

Another one: to get into something. Get into something is also enjoy, also enjoy it. “I really got into that basketball game last night.” It means I really enjoyed it. It also means that you’re getting involved with something more and more, doing it more and more. “These days I’m really getting into watching Bruce Willis movies,” I’m really getting into Bruce Willis movies these days, means I’m doing it more and more. I’m really getting into basketball. Or, “He got into playing chess in high school.” He did it more and more, he liked it a lot, he enjoyed it. Learn more about, get involved with, is get into something.

And here’s one more: “Get real! Come on, get real. What’s wrong with you?” You say this when, for example, somebody is saying something that you don’t believe and you think that what they are saying, maybe they don’t believe it either. Maybe they’re lying or they just don’t understand, or they don’t get it. “Get real! Get real, tell me what’s really happening here means lets get… be authentic be truthful, okay? Get real. “Come on, get real. Stop lying to me.” Okay?

Just a few idioms with get. Stop by English teacher Fred.com, got lots of new things happening there. Have a nice day! Bye bye.


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