Hi, Teacher Fred here. Welcome to my classroom! I have a deck of cards and each card has a different phrasal verb or idiom. So what I’m going to do now is shuffle; this is called shuffling the cards. Shuffle the cards and mix them up. Shuffle the cards. Here we are- this is the Las Vegas of English class. I’m going to shuffle the cards and then I’ll cut them. “Cut” them means go like this. And then we’ll see which one’s on the bottom.

What does it say? To laugh at someone or laugh with someone.

Laughing, you know, it means hahaha- laugh. But there’s a difference in meaning if you say “laugh at” someone or “laugh with” someone.

If someone is laughing at you, it’s not very nice because they’re saying, “You are stupid!” Ha ha ha, you’re stupid; you did something stupid. It’s not good. So if somebody laughs at me I don’t really like it because they think I’m stupid.
Laugh with someone, though; that’s fun. Because that means you’re just laughing together. You see something funny together and you’re laughing; you’re enjoying it together. You’re laughing with someone.

Laughing at someone: “You’re crazy! Hahaha! Look what you did. It’s funny and you’re stupid!”

But laugh with someone: laughing together: “Ha ha ha.” We see something funny so we’re laughing together.

So laugh at someone or laugh with someone, they have a difference in meaning. One is good, polite; one is not so good, not polite. You don’t like it if somebody laughs at you but you do like it if you laugh with someone.

Okay, do you see? Do you have any questions? Give me a call! Call me on Skype; we can study English together. You can have a free conversation lesson and then after that decide if you want to continue studying with me. Okay? Stop by my website; it’s called EnglishTeacherFred.com. Hope to talk to you soon. Have a good day! Bye-bye.


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