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MOVIE: Shrek

VERB TENSE: Simple Past


Shrek was an ogre. He lived alone in a swamp. The swamp was quiet and peaceful. Shrek liked his quiet life.

One day many fairy tale creatures came to live in Shrek’s swamp. They had to go to the swamp because Lord Farquaad made them go there. Now Shrek’s swamp was not quiet and Shrek was angry. Shrek wanted his swamp to be quiet again. Shrek went to Duloc to see Lord Farquaad. On the way to Duloc he met Donkey.

Farquaad agreed to help Shrek, but first Shrek had to go rescue Princess Fiona and bring her back to marry Farquaad. If Farquaad married a princess then he would be the king. Shrek rescued princess Fiona but she was not happy because Shrek was an ogre and not a handsome prince.

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