Back in 2009 I was teaching at a private university in Ho Chi Minh City called the University of Economics and Finance, or UEF. The university produced an infomercial that was broadcast on TV here in Vietnam. The camera crew came into my classroom and I said some words for the camera. When it was broadcast I put a camera on a tripod and aimed it at the television and made this video.

Before they made the film I was asked to prepare some things to say for it, and a manager at the university translated what I said into Vietnamese. I was really nervous when they had the camera on me! If I had known that my voice wouldn’t even be heard on the TV, I probably wouldn’t have been so nervous. You can’t hear my voice very well because the Vietnamese narrator is translating what I said.

“Infomercial” is a combination of the words “commercial” and “information”. An infomercial is like a regular television commercial but is longer and looks a little bit like a documentary film.


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