Most students of English have heard of VOA Special English, the radio program for learning English. I recently discovered that there is also a VOA Learning English Youtube Channel, which is excellent because you can read the article while you listen to it and also watch the person reading it.

The videos are organized into categories on the right, so you can choose a topic that is interesting to you.

VOA Youtube Channel for learning English online

Remember, the speech on VOA is one-third slower than normal speech. That’s why I say it’s for intermediate learners and not advanced. Advanced students should be listening to speech at a normal speed.

But it’s really great if you’re not yet ready for listening to fast speech. Especially if you want to prepare for TOEIC, IELTS or TOEFL, this is a great source of English input for you.

If you can understand enough to follow the idea, then the VOA videos will be okay for you. If you can’t understand any of it then you need to find something easier. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything; you don’t need to look up every word in a dictionary. Here’s the rule: if you see a new word 3 times then look up the meaning. Otherwise, just try to guess the meaning and continue- don’t worry about it.

For anybody learning English, 15 minutes a day with these videos will help a lot.

Here is the link:


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