Hi Everybody, I just wanted to share this website that I found with you. It’s a really cool website for learning English with songs and videos.

What they have here is video, and then they have the lyrics to the song, and also some speaking videos, and I’ll show you how it works here.

Start the game, and you see the lyrics are playing- hold on- yea, and then it stops after the first line, see? And then I have to fill in the blank. Pretty cool.

I’d like to… uh oh- I don’t know the answer! I’d like to build- yea. Build, I think it is. Build the world a home. Okay, I got it right, and now it continues on to the next line.

So cool! You go through the whole song and fill in the blanks.

It has these different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert. It takes out a different percentage of words for you to fill in. Very cool.

And it also has other languages, even, besides English. So you can study Spanish, Portuguese, French- all these various languages.

Very cool little game/website here! It’s called lyricstraining.com.

You can see more here, they have Favorites, Sharing, and then here’s a selection of some of the different kinds of videos they have, like this one here is ‘spoken word’ and trailers from movies. Lots of different things besides just music.

Very cool; they did a really nice job here. So check it out: lyricstraining.com.


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