Many schools in China and worldwide are hiring online teachers but here’s why I think Palfish is the best opportunity available today for teaching English online.

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Palfish is more of a learning platform than an online school. You work the platform like you would work a Facebook page: develop a following by posting and interacting with people on the platform who become your students and pay you as their teacher.

Anybody can teach on Palfish as either an “official” teacher for the Palfish children’s course or as an “unofficial” teacher. Native and non-native English speakers of any nationality or race can be unofficial teachers, while there may be some restrictions for official teachers. No teaching certification or degree is required.

The official Palfish kid’s course has it’s own curriculum and standardized 25-minute lessons; other lessons can be any length you choose. You can also create video lessons, charge any fee you choose for them and make passive income! Schedule your available time and students book future lessons with you, and schedule live streaming events for free or paying students.

Students on Palfish are of all ages and skill levels. Teachers set their own rates of pay and get paid by the minute for Freetalk lessons or sell packages of minutes.

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How to get started teaching on Palfish:

  1. Download the Android or iPhone Palfish teacher app and create an account.
  2. Write a fun, interesting and promotional introduction in the Bio section- use emojis!
  3. Upload a friendly profile picture.
  4. Record a 1-minute voice introduction, make it happy and lively, encourage students to sign up for your lessons.
  5. Wait for admin to verify your account and then start teaching!

What you need:

  1. A decent internet connection, obviously. If your connection is extremely slow then you won’t appear online to students, but you don’t need super-fast internet service. A reasonable wifi connection is fine.
  2. Smartphone or pad and headphones. An iPhone 6 or equivalent is fine, there’s no need for fancy gear.
  3. A Payoneer card. Palfish recently changed from paying via PayPal to Payoneer. It’s easy to get a Payoneer Mastercard which you can use just like any other Visa or Mastercard to make purchases or withdraw cash from an ATM. Sign up for Payoneer in just a few minutes and you can start receiving money immediately.

Palfish pays teachers 80% of fees and keeps 20%. Their staff is always available, very helpful and friendly if you need any assistance. Teachers get paid monthly before the 7th of each month.

Palfish also has a great community of teachers who are very friendly and available for to answer questions and share tips.

Why I believe Palfish is the best opportunity for teaching English online in 2018:

  • Fast- sign up now and start teaching within 24 hours.
  • Easy- no certification or degree required.
  • Accessible- teach with just a smartphone and wifi.
  • Open- anybody can teach on Palfish.
  • Fun- it’s more like messing around on Facebook than having a j.o.b.
  • Independent- you’re free to use the platform as you want. Be as aggressive or low-key as you wish in promoting yourself as a teacher.
  • Lucrative- many ways to make money, set your own rates. I’ve seen teaching rates anywhere from $5 to $50 per hour.

Sign up now and start teaching today! Use my link to sign up and I will get a small bonus from Palfish (clear your cookies first).

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