How to learn English quickly.How to learn English quickly: use this special interactive lesson to learn English grammar, speaking and listening- fast! Don’t worry about grammar rules too much. Instead, train your ear to hear the MUSIC of grammar. Just listen to the video; when you hear a question, answer the question. Answer loud, with your voice! Pause the video if you need more time. Repeat many times and you will learn to speak English quickly.

MOVIE: The Karate Kid

VERB TENSE: Future Going To

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

Dre Parker and his mother, Sherry, are going to live in Detroit, USA. Sherry is going to get a new job in China, so they are going to move to Beijing. Dre is going to make friends with a girl named Mei Ying. She is going to be a violin player.

But a boy named Cheng isn’t going to want Dre to be friends with Mei Ying. He is going to tell Dre to stay away from her. Dre is going to play a trick on Cheng and his friends and they are going to chase him. They are going to catch Dre and beat him up. Dre is going to be rescued by Mr. Han, the maintenance man from Dre’s apartment building. Han is going to be a Kung fu master and he is going to easily defeat Chiang and his friends.

Dre is going to ask Han to teach him kung fu but Han is going to refuse. He is going to agree to help Dre go to make peace with Cheng and his kung fu teacher. Li is going to teach his students to show no mercy to their opponents but Han isn’t going to believe that Li teaches real Kung fu.

Master Li is going to agree to tell his students to leave Dre alone but only if Chung and Dre fight at an upcoming Kung fu tournament. Han is going to promise to teach Dre real Kung fu.

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How to Learn English Quickly – Automagic English Lessons:

Listen for a Question >> PAUSE >> Answer the Question >> PLAY

Use your voice! Stand up! Answer fast! Repeat 3 times!
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[hr color=”gray”] Video 2: Questions Transcript

[hr color=”gray”] Video 3: Basic Story Transcript

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