Disney’s Frozen – “Elsa’s Palace” Extended Scene

Watch from 1:43 to 4:54 and fill in the gaps below with these words:

introduced, built, first, close, judge, flawless, froze, palace, different, hurting, capable, protect, ice, warm hugs

Anna : Whoa!

Kristoff : Now that’s ___. I might cry.

Anna : Go ahead. I won’t _____.

Kristoff : All right, take it easy, boy. Come here. I got you. Okay. You stay right here, buddy. ________.

Olaf : Knock. Just knock. Why isn’t she knocking? Do you think she knows how to knock?

Anna : It opened! That’s a _____. Oh! You should probably wait out here.

Kristoff : What?

Anna : Last time I __________ her to a guy, she _____ everything.

Kristoff : But…but..Oh, come on! It’s a ______ made of ___! ___ is my life!

Olaf : Bye, Sven!

Anna : You too, Olaf.

Olaf : Me?

Anna : Just give us a minute.

Olaf : Okay. One, two, three…

Olaf and Kristoff : Four,…

Anna : Whoa. Elsa? It’s me, Anna!

Elsa : Anna!

Anna : Whoa, Elsa! You look…_________. It’s good _________! And this place…it’s amazing!

Elsa : Thank you. I never knew what I was _______ of.

Anna : I’m so sorry about what happened. If I had known…

Elsa : No. It’s okay. You…you don’t have to apologize. You should probably be going. Please.

Anna : But I just got here.

Elsa : You belong down in Arendelle.

Anna : So do you.

Elsa : No, Anna, I belong here. Alone. Where I can be who I am…without _______ anybody.

Anna : Actually about that…

Olaf : Sixty!

Elsa : Wait! What is that?

Olaf : Hi! I’m Olaf and I like _________!

Elsa : Olaf?

Olaf : You _____ me. Remember that?

Elsa : You’re alive?

Olaf : Ummm…I think so.

Anna : He’s just like the one we _____ as kids.

Elsa : Yeah.

Anna : Elsa, we were so _____. We can be like that again.

Little Anna : Catch me!

Little Elsa : Slow down!

Little Anna : Argh!

Little Elsa : Anna!

Elsa: No. We can’t. Goodbye, Anna.

Anna : Elsa, wait!

Elsa : No! I’m just trying to _______ you.


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