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MOVIE: Night at the Museum

VERB TENSE: Conditional


Larry Daley would be divorced, unable to keep a stable job, and would have failed at many business ventures. He would get a job as a night security guard in a museum.

When night comes, Larry would discover that all the exhibits come to life. There would be a dinosaur that acts like a dog and Neanderthals who are trying to learn how to make fire. An Old West cowboy and a Roman general would be leading their people in a war against each other, and Theodore Roosevelt would give Larry advice. The museum would be wild and chaotic at night.

Roosevelt would explain that there is an Egyptian artifact that gives life to the exhibits. However, if the exhibits would be outside the museum at sunrise then they would turn to dust. He would decide to help Larry guard the museum.

Larry would study history to prepare for controlling the museum at night. The next night he would be able to do a better job of keeping order. He would give the Neanderthals a cigarette lighter and would help make a truce between the warring armies. But one of the Neanderthals would turn to dust when he goes outside at dawn and Larry would almost lose his job.

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