online English teacherDon’t study grammar rules! Learn the MUSIC of grammar by listening to a lot of English by native speakers. Use this special free lesson by Fred the online English teacher to train your ear. Just answer every question, answer loud- with your voice. Repeat 3 times! Pause the video if you need more time.

MOVIE: Home Alone



The night before they will all fly to Paris, the McCallister family will be gathered together in Chicago. The youngest boy, Kevin will be teased by his older brothers and sisters and cousins. He will have an argument with his older brother Buzz, and his parents will send him alone to the upstairs bedroom of the house. Kevin will make a wish that his family would disappear, and fall asleep.

In the morning the family will be late for their flight and they will accidentally leave Kevin behind. Kevin will wake up and find the house is empty. He will be overjoyed because he will think his wish has come true. He will play with Buzz’s toys, jump on the bed, watch a gangster movie, and eat a lot of junk food.

Kevin’s parents will arrive in Paris and realize that they have forgotten Kevin. They will call the Chicago police and try to get a flight back to the USA. The police will come to the house to check on Kevin but he will get scared and won’t answer the door. Kevin will also be frightened by the neighbor, “Old Man” Marley, and by the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv, who will be breaking into other houses in the neighborhood while the families are away for Christmas.

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Use your voice! Stand up! Answer fast! Repeat 3 times!
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