Push The Boundaries:

Here are a few idioms to talk about being original, doing something new and different, not doing the same thing that everybody has done before. These are common for business, business situations. Because in business people often say, “Oh, we need to be original! We need to do something new! To think in a new way.”

The first one is talking about thinking. The idiom is: think outside the box. To think outside the box. There’s a box and most people think this way- in the box. But, “We need to think outside the box. Have some new ideas.” “Think outside the box” means think in a new way. Don’t think in the same way as before, just something completely new.

Push The BoundariesAnother way to say the same thing is: push the boundaries. Push the boundaries. The boundary is the limit. The limit and then you push the boundary and it makes the limit go farther out, farther out. So it also means thinking in a new way, having new ideas. Pushing the boundaries. Before, everything was limited and people only did this much or thought this much. But we’re going to push the boundaries! We’re going to make it go farther, make it original and new.

And a similar one is: push the envelope. Push the boundary or push the envelope. Because a boundary or an envelope is the limit and we are going to go outside the limit for new ideas, original ideas. We’re going to push the boundaries, push the envelope, make people think in a new way. Think outside the box. Have new ideas.

These are some useful idioms for business. Business people often talk about this kind of thing.

Okay, I hope you have a good day and you’re thinking outside the box and coming up with some new original ideas!


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