Learn English OnlineLearn English Online with this free English lesson by Fred, the online English teacher. Learn the MUSIC of grammar- not the rules! Just listen for a question and then answer the question. Answer loud, with your voice! Answer quickly; pause the video if you need more time. Repeat 3 times! Train your ear, it’s great for IELTS, TOEFL, speaking/listening fluency and grammar.

MOVIE: Rango

VERB TENSE: Simple Present


Rango is a pet chameleon who lives in a terrarium. He likes acting and directing plays with his toys. One day the terrarium falls out of a car and Rango is stranded in a desert. A hawk chases him and nearly catches him.

Rango meets Beans, a desert iguana. She takes him to Dirt, a town where desert animals live. Beans discovers that the town is almost out of water.

Rango goes to the town saloon acts like he is a tough drifter. The outlaw Bad Bill challenges Rango to a shootout but the hawk returns and scares Bill. Rango kills the hawk by luck and everyone thinks he is very brave. The Mayor makes Rango the new Sheriff.

Learn English Online – Automagic English Lessons:

Listen for a Question >> PAUSE >> Answer the Question >> PLAY

Use your voice! Stand up! Answer fast! Repeat 3 times!

Video 1: Complete Transcript

Video 2: Questions Transcript

Video 3: Basic Story Transcript

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