Learn English OnlineLearn English Online with this free English lesson by Fred, the online English teacher. Learn the MUSIC of grammar- not the rules! Just listen for a question and then answer the question. Answer loud, with your voice! Answer quickly; pause the video if you need more time. Repeat 3 times! Train your ear, it’s great for IELTS, TOEFL, speaking/listening fluency and grammar.

MOVIE: Ratatouille

VERB TENSE: Simple Present


Remy is a rat with an excellent sense of smell. His idol is the recently deceased chef Auguste Gusteau and his dream is to be a chef. Remy gets seperated from his group and arrives alone in the sewers of Paris. He goes to Gusteau’s restaurant and looks in the window.

The restaurant’s new owner, Skinner, hires Alfredo Linguini to be a garbage boy. In the kitchen Linguini accidentally spills some soup and tries to fix it but he can’t. Remy falls into the kitchen and makes the soup taste good again. Skinner catches Linguini but the soup is served and it is delicious. Skinner makes Linguini a chef but Linguini knows that the rat Remy is the talented cook.

Now Linguini has a secret. The rat can cook but he can’t. Together they find a way to have Remy show Linguini how to cook but keep the rat a secret: Remy will hide under Linguini’s hat.

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Listen for a Question >> PAUSE >> Answer the Question >> PLAY

Use your voice! Stand up! Answer fast! Repeat 3 times!
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[hr color=”gray”] Video 3: Basic Story Transcript

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