STORY: A TV For John’s Pets
VERB TENSE: Simple Present

There is a boy named John. John sees a picture of a big TV and he wants to have one for his pets to watch. He already has a dog and a cat but he doesn’t have a TV for them to watch.

John goes to Seattle, Washington because he wants to talk to the dogs and cats in Seattle. He asks them, “Is there a big TV here for my pets?”

“There are some big TVs in Paris, France but there aren’t any here in Seattle,” the animals answer.

John goes to Paris, France with his dog and his cat. There is a big TV in Paris for elephants but there isn’t one for dogs or cats. John is very sad and cries because he is not going to have a big TV for his pets.

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Video 1: Complete Transcript

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Video 2: Questions

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Video 3: Basic Story

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