Spoken English Course - Simple Present - Time Bandits Part 1Spoken English Course to improve your listening, speaking, grammar and fluency. It’s easy- just listen for a question and answer the question. Pause the video if you need more time to answer. Use your voice! Answer every question and repeat at least 3 times! This is how to train your ear to hear the MUSIC of grammar. Don’t study English grammar rules too much- just read and listen to a lot of good English until you know what sounds right.

MOVIE: Time Bandits

VERB TENSE: Simple Present


Kevin is an 11-year-old boy. His parents don’t pay very much attention to him so he feels lonely and neglected at home. Kevin likes to learn about history, especially the Ancient Greek period. One night Kevin wakes up when a knight on horseback comes in through the wardrobe in his bedroom. The knight rides off into a forest that has appeared in the bedroom. But when Kevin turns on the light, the room looks normal.

The next night there is noise in the wardrobe and six dwarfs come out of it. At first the dwarves think Kevin is someone they stole a map from, but then they see that he is just a boy. The dwarves discover that they can push back a wall of Kevin’s room. The Supreme Being chases them and they push the wall to escape.

Kevin and the dwarfs fall down a black abyss, and their adventure through time and space begins.

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Spoken English Course – Automagic English Lessons:

Listen for a Question >> PAUSE >> Answer the Question >> PLAY

Use your voice! Stand up! Answer fast! Repeat 3 times!
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[hr color=”gray”] Video 2: Questions Transcript

[hr color=”gray”] Video 3: Basic Story Transcript

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