Hello, let’s talk about this word: cover; to cover. The word “cover” C-O-V-E-R has a lot of meanings and a lot of idioms in English. So it’s very useful.

To cover something, the very basic meaning, would be put something on top. Like the blanket covers the bed. A hat covers your head. So: put on top.

But another meaning is “to protect”. To keep something safe; “cover it” is “protect”.

And an idiom would be, for example, to cover for someone. To cover for someone means to do the work in place of someone. Like today in the afternoon… I’m busy in the afternoon so I need to go home, so can you cover for me at work? It means can you do the work for me, so that the work will be done. But I can’t do it so you will cover for me.

Okay? Please cover for me at work today, I’m too sick. I can’t go to work. Please cover for me. Please do the work in place of me.

Another one you might see in an action movie. In action movies they always have guns, right? There’s guys with guns and there’s people shooting guns at each other. And there’s two guys together and one of them has to run. So I’m going to run over there and- cover me! Okay? Cover me!

Cover me means you shoot at the enemy while I run over there, so that I won’t get shot. So it’s also protecting. You’re protecting me with your gun. Cover me. Cover me, I’m going to run over there and you bang bang bang! Protect me. Cover me, okay?

Maybe you see that sometimes in an action movie. When there’s two guys together, one of them is about to run and he says, “Cover me!” Then he runs. In many, many movies they say the same thing like that: Cover me!

One more. Another idiom would be to cover something, for example, you go to a restaurant with your friends and you want to pay the bill for everybody. So you say, “I’ll cover it. It’s okay, I’ll cover it.” It means, “I will pay.” I will pay for everybody. I’ll cover the bill. I’ll cover it. It’s okay, I’ll cover it.

I’m very rich! I have a lot of money. I can buy the food for everybody. I’ll cover it. So, again, it’s sort of like protecting or taking care of somebody.

So that’s three idioms with “cover”. First one: to cover for someone, means do the work in place of someone. The other one: cover me! I’m going to run; protect me with your gun! Cover me! And then another one, number three, is to cover it. Cover it: don’t worry, I’ll cover it. I will pay. Okay?

That’s three idioms with the word “cover”. Alright, have a nice day! Bye-bye.


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