Here are a couple of idioms to talk about when you don’t like something at the beginning, but after some time then you will like it, later. Eventually you will like it but at the beginning you’re not sure.

The first one is, people say, “It grows on you.” Or, “It will grow on you.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll grow on you!”

To grow: get bigger. Grow. Grow on you. It means at first you don’t like it but then it grows on you: you like it better.

Maybe talking about food or drink or something.

For example, here in Vietnam. I live in Vietnam; I’ve lived here for ten years. So sometimes I might try a new food. And at the beginning…

For example, there’s a fermented soybean paste. It’s purple and smells kind of stinky. At first, when you see it: “Oh my god- people eat this stuff?” You smell it and it’s really terrible.

But then you try a little bit and it’s kind of not bad. And then you try again and again and again and it grows on you! It just grows on you.

So then, after that you like it. Now I like it and it’s also good for your stomach; it’s healthy for you. It grew on me and now I like it. At first I didn’t like it but then it grew on me and now I like it.

Another way to say the same thing is: it’s an acquired taste.

An acquired taste. “It’s an acquired taste.”

Here, taste means something you like. If you “have a taste for” something it means you like it. You have a taste for it.

So “an acquired taste.” To acquire something means to get something. So it’s a taste that you acquire. You get it later. An acquired taste. “It’s an acquired taste.”

Sometimes people might say this, like maybe the first time I try the fermented soybean paste but I don’t like it. And then someone says, “Don’t worry, it’s an acquired taste. It’ll grow on you later; don’t worry. It’s an acquired taste.”

I like it. Maybe you don’t like it; it’s an acquired taste. Maybe later you will like it even though right now you don’t like it.

It’s an acquired taste. It’ll grow on you.


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