Donkey: Yea! Waffles! And I thought the Waffle Fairy was just a bedtime story! Sticky stacks of golden, syrupy, delicious-ass

Shrek: Donkey! Don’t eat that! There’s a stack of freshly-made waffles in the middle of a forest. Don’t you find that a wee bit suspicious?

Donkey: Mmm….

Shrek: Oh, you’re just… I don’t… I said don’t! Don’t! No! Get away from it!

Donkey: (Licks the waffles.)

Shrek: You did.

Donkey: Uh oh… Oh!

Shrek: Look out!

Donkey: Ahhh!

Shrek: Donkey! Are you okay?

Donkey: I’m fine. Ah!

Learn English with Movies - Shrek Forever After

a waffle = You can see what they look like in the clip. Delicious!

a stack = Do you know the difference between a stack and a pile? Things that fit neatly on top of each other are in a stack, like a stack of books. Things that don’t stack up, fall into a pile, like a pile of leaves. Waffles are flat and usually square and rectangular, so to say “a pile of waffles” would sound strange.

the Waffle Fairy = When a small child’s tooth falls out, mommy or daddy puts the tooth under their pillow at night. In the morning, there is a quarter (a little bit of money) under the pillow, thanks to the Tooth Fairy. That’s what we think of when someone says “the _____ Fairy”. Donkey is a little weird so we don’t know exactly what he means, but that’s what the line is referring to.

to be delicious-ass = This is impolite slang- don’t say it! Adjective plus -ass makes the adjective stronger: he’s a weird-ass donkey.

a wee bit = a little bit


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