I love this movie! When I was a child The Wizard of Oz was on television every year. I remember when my family got our first color TV in the 1960’s because the first time we watched this movie in color we were amazed when Dorothy opens the door to Oz and the picture changes to color. We were so surprised!

The Wizard of Oz is known as one of the greatest movies ever made. There are a lot of English idioms and famous sentences that come from it, so it’s a good movie for English learners to be familiar with. The music is fantastic, too. I’ve probably seen this movie 40 times and I still love it.

One example of a very famous line is in this clip: “I’ll get you, my pretty. And your little dog too!” I think just about every English speaker on Earth knows this sentence.

Dorothy: I thought you said she was dead.

Glinda: That was her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East. This is the Wicked Witch of the West. She’s worse than the other one was.

Witch: Who killed my sister? Who killed the Witch of the East? Was it you?

Dorothy: No, it was an accident. I didn’t mean to kill anybody.

Witch: Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents too!

Glinda: Are you forgetting the Ruby Slippers?

Witch: The Slippers! Yes! They’re gone! The Ruby Slippers- what have you done with them? Give them back to me, or I’ll…

Glinda: It’s too late! There they are, and there they’ll stay.

Witch: Give me back my Slippers. I’m the only one that knows how to use them. They’re of no use to you. Give them back to me. Give them back!

Glinda: Keep tight inside of them. Their magic must be very powerful, or she wouldn’t want them so badly.

Witch: You stay out of this, Glinda, or I’ll fix you as well!

Glinda: Oh, rubbish! You have no power here. Begone, before somebody drops a house on you, too.

Witch: Very well. I’ll bide my time. And as for you, my fine lady, it’s true I can’t attend to you now as I’d like. But just try to stay out of my way, just try! I’ll get you, my pretty. And your little dog, too!


to be wicked= bad, evil

slippers= here it means shoes; in the USA today, “slippers” are shoes worn only in the house and especially at night with bed clothes

begone= go away; (be gone); old English

to bide your time= do nothing while you wait for an advantage, and then at the right time you will act


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