From “Puss in Boots”

Bartender: What are you doing here, senior? Did you lose your ball of yarn?

Puss: So funny.

Bartender: One leche coming up.

Puss: I am not looking for trouble. I am but a humble gato in search of his next meal. Perhaps you gentlemen can help me find a simple score.

Man: Well, perhaps if one of us were to tell the law that you are in town, we could split the reward.

Puss: You made the cat angry. You do not want to make the cat angry!

Learn English with Movies - Puss in Boots

I learned a new word in Spanish from this movie clip. You learn the word from context when you hear the bartender say, “One leche, coming up.” You know that cats drink milk and you see that Puss drinks a glass of milk, so you learn that “leche” means “milk”.

“Senior” is also a Spanish word but it’s a word that most English speakers know. And “gato” is a freebie because it sounds a lot like “cat”. And the context makes it clear because he says he is a gato and you know he’s a cat.

yarn = Like string, used to make sweaters; cats like to play with balls of yarn.

“One ___, coming up!” = This is a common sentence used when somebody takes an order in a bar or restaurant. It’s informal and a little bit funny. “Two cheese pizzas, coming right up!”

to be humble = Not arrogant. Same root word as “humility”. A common sentence is “I am but a humble ____ …” It has the same meaning as “I am only a…” “I am but a humble English teacher, working to help people learn English.”

a score; to score something = Slang: to get something. Usually something illegal, either buying or stealing.


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