Dre: She used her chi last night, didn’t she? You’ve got to teach me that, like, how to control people?

Han: There’s only one person you need to learn how to control.

Dre: Who?

Han: Empty your mind. Flow with my movement. Connect to the energy around you.

Dre: I kind of just want to learn the cobra thing.

Han: Cobra takes a lifetime. It requires great focus.

Dre: Well, I have great focus. Woa! Mr. Han?

Han: Your focus needs more focus.

chi = I don’t really want to try to explain what “chi” is! You can look it up 🙂

In this clip, listen to the fast American speech. Listen to how fast Dre talks, and then how slowly and carefully Han talks.

Dre says:
“dint she” = didn’t she
“you godda” = you’ve got to
“howda” = how to
“keina” = kind of
“wanna” = want to


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